I had a dream last night in which Jeff Foster was teaching me how to breathe deeply. In the morning I found a video on breathing on youtube in recommended section. For whatever reason I had that dream and that video link, I am feeling grateful that I watched this video and am breathing deeply.

Breathe; feel grateful that you can breathe because first of all, can you imagine how you would feel if you couldn’t breathe just for 10 seconds? The thing that you most need and want in life is breath. Once you recognise this truth and remain in touch with it, you will always feel grateful for every breath that you take and never take it for granted. Be grateful that you can breathe so easily and comfortably.


On Self-Worth

This video provided me with some great insights on self-worth along with an exercise I loved.

My favourite part was recognition of how we are all worthy. We are all born equal, we are all born worthy. It’s certain actions, beliefs, conditioning etc. which take us away from that space of worthiness and make us feel less worthy. But nothing happens to our worthiness. It’s just that we stop feeling worthy.

Thank you Teal Swan for sharing and creating this insightful video. 🙂