I had a dream last night in which Jeff Foster was teaching me how to breathe deeply. In the morning I found a video on breathing on youtube in recommended section. For whatever reason I had that dream and that video link, I am feeling grateful that I watched this video and am breathing deeply.

Breathe; feel grateful that you can breathe because first of all, can you imagine how you would feel if you couldn’t breathe just for 10 seconds? The thing that you most need and want in life is breath. Once you recognise this truth and remain in touch with it, you will always feel grateful for every breath that you take and never take it for granted. Be grateful that you can breathe so easily and comfortably.


The Beauty of Beauty

Isn’t it beautiful that we can recognise beauty?
I am fascinated by how fast a fly moves
in the air in a zig zag motion.
And by a small ant that can
carry weight that is beyond its own.
I am fascinated by how nature
creates snow capped mountains
that take our breath away.
By rivers that flow through places
while singing their own tunes.
How does water know how to create
sounds that are so musical?
Maybe it doesn’t, it’s just being itself.
And in its own being, it has demonstrated beauty.
In being what we are there is great beauty maybe.
That’s why butterflies, kittens and puppies
are cute and loveable and adorable.
What if I be myself?
What if I reveal who I am?
Will that be beautiful?
Why is there this doubt?
It’s this doubt that clouds my beauty.
Living up to certain expectations is not our duty.
How beautiful are we who can recognise beauty!
How beautiful it is that we can express this beauty!

On Self-Worth

This video provided me with some great insights on self-worth along with an exercise I loved.

My favourite part was recognition of how we are all worthy. We are all born equal, we are all born worthy. It’s certain actions, beliefs, conditioning etc. which take us away from that space of worthiness and make us feel less worthy. But nothing happens to our worthiness. It’s just that we stop feeling worthy.

Thank you Teal Swan for sharing and creating this insightful video. 🙂

That Floating Feather In The Air

A feather was once floating in the air.
It used to be a part of a bird.
That bird was once an egg.
That egg once a cell in the mommy bird.
The mommy bird once mated with the daddy bird.
Those big birds were once little birds that ate leaves.
Those leaves were once packed in a seed.
That seed was once packed in a fruit.
That fruit once appeared on a tree.
That tree was once nothing but soil and minerals.
That soil was once a rock.
That rock was once a star.
That star was once nothing.
That floating feather in the air,
carried essence of everything.
That was no ordinary feather.
Maybe nothing is ordinary whatsoever.

Good and Bad

The victory of ‘good’ over ‘bad’ is not that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are two separate phenomenons and one will win over the other. It is that All is One and ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are inseparable. ‘Good’ will win over ‘bad’ when we start perceiving the ‘good’ in ‘good’ and the ‘good’ in ‘bad’.

What If Life Was Absolutely Perfect? | Poem

A star millions of miles away
comes up on a winter morning
and provides me warmth
expecting nothing in return.
A small seed sprouts and grows up
to become a huge tree
and converts carbon dioxide into oxygen
using sunlight and lets me breathe it
asking for no mutual exchange.
The water from a pool evaporates;
its destiny is to become rain
and fall at some other place
or maybe over me and fill me with joy.
Life is such a mysterious miracle.
So much intelligence working for me.
I open the tap and water comes out.
I push the button and a bulb lights up.
I tune the radio and music plays.
I walk and some distance gets travelled.
I vibrate my vocal chords and some sound is created.
So much happens with perfection and beauty.
And then there is this mind,
which deceives me into believing
that there is something wrong.
That something needs to be fixed;
my grammar needs correction,
my voice needs inflection,
my life needs direction,
there is so much of imperfection.
What if I listened more to life
and less to my mind.
What if life was absolutely perfect?
What would I do, what would be left to get done?
I would sit in joy and feel grateful.
And when inspiration comes along,
I will write a poem.

What If Life Was Absolutely Perfect?

The title of this post is also the desktop background for my MacBook Air since yesterday. While reading The Power of Now the first time, I came across what read like, “What problem do you have right now? Not a week later or ten minutes later but now?” It changed my life forever. Since I read that line for the first time, whenever I found myself in a deeply negative mood, it just popped into my head, “What problem do I have right now? Not a week later or ten minutes later but now?”

And it brings me relief every time.

A day before yesterday, out of the blue this epiphany came even more clearly, on a much deeper level. See, I had been running around a lot. For around three-four years, my major focus was self-improvement. I read books, watched videos, eliminated watching TV or movies or sitcoms, started meditating regularly, working out regularly. I enjoyed it thoroughly; I loved growth and improvement and becoming better. But since the last few days, a shift is happening. I am moving away from self-improvement and more towards being joyful right now. Or maybe, in a more precise way, I am moving away from the idea of being happy later, when improvement happens and more towards being joyful now.

Here’s the epiphany that appeared out of nowhere: I was reading a book on improving my financial situation and having an abundance mindset and I became absolutely still. A thought appeared, ‘What if I had absolutely no problems? Like ABSOLUTELY no problems and I had everything I wanted? What would I do?’ I remained motionless both physically and mentally for a few minutes.

The epiphany was not that life is absolutely perfect and there are no problems in the present moment. I already had that one before. The epiphany I, finally, had in that moment was that it was my mind that was creating all the ‘imaginary’ problems.

We are a product of our thoughts. Whatever life situation we find ourselves in is a product of our thoughts. My current situation with my finances and relationships is a product of what I have thought in the past and I am thinking in the present. And my repetitive pattern to keep ‘learning’ and ‘trying’ to improve my situation is what was perpetuating my current situations. I was thinking the same thoughts of lack and having a ‘problem’ again and again which resulted in me being stuck in the same situation.

And in that moment a shift occurred. Instead of thinking about solving my problems and trying to improve our situation, if I just focus on being grateful for what I already have, the situation will take care of itself. This is not a theory because I have experienced this truth over and over. In fact, any improvement that happened along my journey happened only because of a shift in thought pattern and not because I was thinking the same thoughts over and over.

My really burning desire right now, in this moment, is to be joyful. Being Joyful. Period. Whatever happens, no matter what happens, all I truly want is to be joyful. And my definition of having such kind of joy is to be Unconditionally Grateful for This Moment.

That’s what I am going to focus until life nudges me to do something else.

And of course, I, my life and the Universe are already perfect and these things will still

Keep Improving Joyfully! 😉

The War Between Divinity and Devil

I have an image of her
in my head.
And an image of mine
in her.
Her in my mind is divinity
and mine in her a devil.
I have put her up there
and put myself down here.
And I am glad because somewhere
I am rising and her image is falling.
Who is she beyond the image?
Anything between divinity and devil.
Who am I?
I am where divinities and devils exist
and are on a war.
I wish myself good
and her better.
The divinity in me
sees divinity in her and the devil in me.
The devil in me
sees devil in her and the divinity in me.
And I see the divinity and devil in us
and wonder what is the Truth?
It doesn’t matter what it is
because the war is eternal.
The divinity won’t win
and the devil won’t lose.
That’s what keeps us entertained;
the unending drama.
And in Truth all this is an illusion,
an image in my mind.
But who will let me know the Truth?
Who will save me from myself?
Of course, me, myself!

Be Joyful Now

For quite a while I had been focussing on courage and confidence. Last sunday I planned to go out with an intention to rise in courage and confidence; do some comfort challenges and initiate conversations with strangers. I went out and did nothing. I returned and was disappointed. ‘Why can’t I do it? Should I quit? What do I truly want?’

‘What do I truly want?’

It’s a question I had asked myself so many times, for months actually, and I never was able to answer it clearly. This time the answer came so easily and clearly.

What do I truly want?

Joy. That’s it. Joy. I want joy. I want to be joyful right now. Not after I reach my goals, not after financial freedom, not after getting the ideal relationship, not after everything gets resolved… I want joy right now and that’s the one thing that I truly want.

It came so clearly and it became absolutely clear. Since then I focussed only on being joyful. If I started worrying about anything I reminded myself of being joyful. Self-improvement didn’t matter, goals didn’t matter, courage and confidence didn’t matter. Whatever I am doing, I am doing for being joyful. I defocussed from rising in courage and confidence.

Out of the blue I was reminded of my intention of improving joyfully. Improvement is good and it makes me feel joyful. And the way to make it joyful is small steps.

What was the smallest step I could take to improve? The answer came clearly; eye contact. Master eye contact.

So that’s what I have decided. I will master eye contact and then move forward. For the next 21 days, I will focus only on mastering eye contact.

I went out to a park today and looked into every person’s eyes that I could. It was joyful.

The only thing that matters to me is moving forward and not staying stuck. I have stayed stuck for years and that wasn’t joyful. Small progress is joyful.

It doesn’t matter how slow I go as long as I move forward.

Success is guaranteed as long as we are willing to persist.

Get Out of Life’s Way

There are two ways to live life. Make life happen or let life happen. The first one is about having your own agenda, using your own intelligence to get what you want out of life. The second one is to follow life’s agenda, letting life’s intelligence guide you and give you what… whatever.

Who do we trust more? That voice in our head that asks us not to go for our dreams and stick to doing that job that is comfortable? Not to leave our houses to go for an adventure trip? Or do we trust life as it happens? Can we allow ourselves to do what the deepest part of us guides us to do? Can we trust that if we live for this moment, the next moment will take care of itself?

I am not an advocate for the second method. But I definitely would like to experiment and surrender to life’s flow. I have been reading The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer. One of the things that really moves me is when he writes, “If life can manifest the DNA molecule on its own, not to mention create the human brain, how is it that we feel that we have to control everything on our own? There must be another, more sane way to approach life.”

The voice in my head has its own doubts, “Can I just let life happen? Can I trust life and let it guide me? Will I be taken care of and be provided for? Am I that special?”

The crazy thing is that when I have allowed to let life happen and guide me, amazing things have happened. Even though some things felt ‘wrong’ initially and the voice in the head cursed me for doing those things, eventually a lot of good came out of them.

There is a me, the real me. Then, there is a voice in my head in between. And then, there is life.

Maybe, it’s time to get out of life’s way.