What Is The Worst That Could Happen?

Let’s define what we are afraid of.

Let me define what I am afraid of.

Fear arises at times

when I think about making a mistake.

So let’s see.

What is the worst thing that can happen?

I may lose all my money,

belongings, and relationships.

That’s it.

That’s the worst that can happen.

I can lose all that I have.

And is that really bad?

Oh I wish that happens.

I wish that I do lose all that I have.

Or at least make peace

with the fear of losing all that I have.

Just thinking about it,

being willing to lose all I have,

creates peace.

Seems like there’s nothing to fear.

Even if I lose everything,

I would still be here.

And probably smile.

Nothing to fear.

Bring it on.


What To Do When Things Go Wrong

Things are bound to go wrong. At times, goals won’t be reached, weight won’t be lost, dreams won’t come true, people will misunderstand you, it will rain when that’s what you want the least.

Things going wrong is equal to reality not matching our expectations. And obviously, our expectations have no power over reality. So things are bound to go wrong.

What I have been doing these days is inviting things to go wrong. Imperturbability is the highest priority. Maintaining a balance state of mind is the strongest commitment.

So I pray for things to go wrong.

Sometimes, when I am feeling strong.

I pray that what I fear the most happens in the worst imaginable way, may I be brought to my knees, may all hell break lose; may I still remain calm, balanced and imperturbable.

Just repeating this once opens up space for great freedom. Like it was said in Fight Club, ‘Losing all hope is freedom.’

Invite for things to go wrong, however, pray to remain strong.

Keep in the centre of the storm. Unaffected.

And let go.

Keep letting go.

I Experienced A Miracle Today

When I woke up in the morning I felt huge resistance to go for the Yoga class today. I had some pain in my knees and I really felt like taking rest. I couldn’t make a decision but I have realised that decisions are better made by life than me. So I closed my eyes and asked Infinite Intelligence whether I should go to class or not. I asked for a clear sign. I felt this sense that It was telling me, ‘Go to the class, you will experience a miracle today.’ I asked for a clear sign again and said if I am to go let me hear the sound of a horn. Even before I could complete that thought I heard a horn blowing in distance. Still resisting the sign and for confirmation I said to myself, ‘If in ten seconds I hear a horn’s sound, I will go.’ And I did hear a horn blowing in distance again. All signs pointed in one direction. I still tried to play a trick. I tossed a coin and said to myself, ‘If head comes I will go, if tail, I won’t.’ I tossed the coin and before opening my hand, I heard myself saying to myself, ‘It’s head.’ It was head and I finally gave in.
So I went. I reached. I talked with a few people before the classes began. I did the aasanas. I sweat. I sat quietly during the breaks.
Then came the practice teaching class. We were divided into groups. Each group had to perform a skit. One of the members had to become a yoga teacher and others were supposed to play the role of regular people coming and inquiring about yoga classes.
I got the intuitive urge to become the leader in my group. Not just an intuitive nudge, it was also this intuitive sense that I was going to be the leader and I was going to do well. So I became the leader. Our group started discussing what all questions we were going to put up. People came up with questions. I sat quietly, feeling, ‘The lesser I plan the better it will be.’ A list of questions was prepared. I went through it and came up with vague ideas about how I was going to answer them. The time for preparation got over and one by one each group came in front to perform. The first group came. The leader was so flexible and confident and did a really good job. I felt anxious. Doubt arose, ‘Why did I do this? How am I going to do this? I hope I don’t let my group down. I hope I don’t embarrass myself in front of the whole class.’
Another group came to perform. They did really well too. There’s too was quite funny. I felt anxious and kept on letting go.
Finally our turn came. I put a number of ID cards around my neck to give the impression of a Baba. I felt really weird doing that. Anyway, I went and sat on the stage facing the crowd. I felt really awkward wearing all those cards. I couldn’t look up and just stared here and there.
Then the performance began. The first member of our group came and started with, ‘Why do you look so dull?’
The first ball was a bouncer. I was stunned. I just went blank. I couldn’t come up with anything. So I just sat there, looked at her with as much calmness as I could maintain on my face. And then, I let go. Completely. I let go and Infinite Intelligence took over.
I spoke whatever came to my mind. She asked a question about being in shape after marriage. With a little accented voice, in a slow, calm, ‘spiritual,’ way I said, ‘See first you have to accept where you are.’
Bam, there was huge laughter. I felt some relief. I didn’t think it was funny. Maybe it was my voice. Maybe it was.. well whatever it was, I felt relieved that people were laughing.
Then I added, ‘We have a lot of practices and techniques that can help you get in shape. Before marriage. After marriage. Before death. After death. We have a lot of techniques.’

A: Can you share them?
Sagar: They are secrets.
A(pissed): You are running a scam. You call all your techniques secret and don’t share anything worthwhile. Why are you running this institute?
Sagar(calmly): To teach. We are running this institute to teach secret techniques. Some people are not willing to pay the price.

One by one members of the group came and asked questions. Replies occurred to my mind and I spoke whatever came up. And there was huge laughter at so many points.

E: I have a lot of stress in my work. I would like to find work-life balance.
Sagar: We have a ten week course for training in work-life balance. In that we teach KarmaJeevanSantulan aasans. There are ten aasans. Each week we teach one aasan. With each week your work-life balance will keep on improving. By the end of tenth week you will have 50.00 work and 50.00 life. We have advanced courses too. For work-life-relationships balance etc.
S: Baba do you watch movies?
Sagar: I even make them.
S: Do you know Tiger Shroff?
Sagar: Bachpan se.
S: If I come to your class will I be able to do stunts like Tiger Shroff?
Sagar: Tiger Shroff ka poora naam kya hai? pause Tiger baba Sagar ne stunt marna sikhaya Shroff.
Huge laugther and applause.
Itta sa tha jab mere paas aaya tha. Das saal sikhaya usse. Ek din ekpadaasan balance nahi kar pa rha tha. Maine thappar maar diya. Bhaag gaya. Ab kehta phirta hain China se seekh ke aaya hai.
S: So if I join your classes will be able to do the stunts in one month.
Sagar: In one minute. Paisa lagega.
C: I have been doing and reading this yoga stuff since 15 days. I find it very boring.
Sagar: I have been doing this since 15 lifetimes. In one of my lives I was a crow. I was sitting on the branch of a tree and Patanjali was down there writing his YogaSutra. That was when I first read the YogaSutra. I have been reading it since then. I have spent 15 lifetimes studying yoga, I still don’t get it. You have spent just 15 days. Have patience. Infinite patience is the fastest way.
H came and asked if he could sit. I told him that the seat was for uttamadhikari. I later asked him to sit. He sat and asked a question about confusion. I said confusion will get clear. Come for a class at 5pm and to bring all the money he had. He asked how much was the fees. I said you have to give everything you have got. He said he had one rupee. I asked him to give me that one rupee. And bring all later.
N: I run triathalons and participate in competitions. I want to be able to improve my breath.
Sagar: Increase or decrease. What do you want to do?
N: I want to increase.
Sagar: See you are running triathalons, multi-athalons, million-athalons. You are doing so much with the body. What are you doing for the mind and the spirit. Yoga is a holistic way. Why do you have to breathe so much? I don’t breathe so much. I let others breathe. I breathe little. Once in a while.
N: So after your classes will I be able to breathe like you?
Sagar: No one can breathe like me.
N: But will my breath get better?
Sagar: See one of the pillars of Yoga is duty. We are here wasting so much time, not letting the teachers do their duty. So let’s stop here.

After the performance got over, we received a loud applause by the rest of the class.
So many people after the class appreciated the performance. One of the teachers called me closer and said, ‘Tu toh bada chhupa rustam nikla.’ Surprised, I asked what she meant. She said, “You sit so quietly in the class. I couldn’t believe you spoke so well.” I replied, “I am not able to believe it myself. It just happened.” She appreciated some more and blessed me.
I felt so good. Since that moment, I have been feeling so happy.
I am so glad I followed Infinite Intelligence’s lead.
I experienced a miracle.

Rejection Therapy Day 1

Today, I watched a Ted Talk in morning and the main message of the talk was to try something new for 30 days.

I have always liked the idea of trying new things. The love for trying new things and getting good at them has helped me learn to do a backflip, solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 20 seconds, write a few ebooks, create a lot of videos which I love, and develop a consistent practice of meditation.

The talk kindled a new fire within me. After I was done watching the talk, I decided I will try a number of new things for 30 days.

One of those things is Rejection Therapy which I have always thought of doing. I have made a few attempts at rejection therapy but now I am going to document a whole 30 days journey.

The idea is to take Selfies With Strangers for the rest of May. So it will be 24 selfies in all.

I did start today.

I went to the terrace of the building in which I live hoping I would find someone to take a selfie with. I saw a group of boys who were flying a drone, a helicopter camera (I don’t really know what it is called, they told me it’s called a drone). So I thought I could take a selfie with them.

And then the fear of rejection came up. It was mild but very much there. I feared that they would laugh at me or ignore me. It took me ten minutes and a few mental rehearsals to finally approach them.

And then I approached them. And it turned out to be a good experience. I realised once again that strangers are usually polite and willing to give you what you ask for.

Here’s the selfie we took.

Selfie With Strangers

I hope this post inspires you to take a small step and get outside your comfort zone.

Take a small step.

Keep improving joyfully! 🙂

The Roller Coaster Ride

Life is like a roller coaster ride.

Anxiety builds up while waiting

in the line,

for the challenging future moments.

While being on the ride,

while facing the challenge,

we are absolutely present,

our awareness heightened,

“Will I survive? Will I remain alive?”

And soon the ride stops,

the challenge finally dissolves.

And we are left in awe,

of our own courage and ability,

to survive what we feared.

What was anxiety a few moments ago,

is now a sense of accomplishment.

A rise in confidence and trust in the self,

that in the end, all is fine.

Gratitude for the amazing ride,

and the whole journey

from the fear of death to the love of life.

“I did it! I survived, I am alive!

Let’s go for another ride.”

Everything In A Nutshell

What you want is a solution;
what you need is meditation.
Between you and life, your mind creates a disconnection.
If it didn’t, you would see absolute perfection.
You may ask, “Then, why take any action?”
For the joy of it, purely for satisfaction.

When I See The World

When I see human beings
I love them for they are all like me.
When I see animals
I love them for they too are alive;
they too want love in life.
When I see plants
I love them for they belong
to the same planet that I live on.
When I see an insect
I see Universe’s perfection
manifested in it’s own small aspect.
When I see a piece of
paper or wood or a glass full of water,
I love them for they are
made of the same matter.
I fall in love with everything I see.
For everything I see, seems to be like me;
wanting love and acceptance at it’s very core
and seeking to express the joy
that is it’s very nature.
Can you too see the world like me?
That is what I intend for thee.
For when there is love in the beholder’s eyes,
whatever gets seen is filled with beauty.

The Purpose of Life

Maybe the purpose of life
is to be happy right now;
to realise happiness
is not anywhere else
but in this moment.
For long we have waited
for things to happen;
to fall in love;
to create abundance and wealth;
to reach a perfect state of health.
And in this whole pursuit,
we have missed the very thing
that we wanted the most.
Why not be grateful
for what we have?
No matter how less it is,
it is enough to make us feel glad.
For if we didn’t have
what we already have,
we would have had
much less than what we have.
So why not be grateful
for what we have?

Happiness is not an event, it’s a habit.

People think once they achieve something, get enough money, get perfect body, meet their soulmate, then they will be happy. All this time they spend in developing the habit of chasing happiness and being stressful about not having it. Even when they get what they want, they don’t feel happy and set other goals out of their habit of chasing happiness. We are creatures of habit. If what you truly want in life is happiness, be happy right now and keep doing that consistently, then and only then will you have a happy life.

Be Grateful For Every Breath

What we truly want on the deepest level is happiness and joy. And happiness and joy are nothing but a by-product of feeling grateful. It’s when we are grateful for what is happening in a given moment that we feel happy and are filled with joy. So if all we want is happiness and joy and they are a by-product of gratitude, is there a way to feel grateful for every moment of our life?

Let’s analyse the situation here. Gratitude is a feeling that we feel when we focus on the presence of something that we want in our life. If we were to be grateful for every moment of our life, we would have to focus on presence of something we want, which is there in every moment of our life; common to all the moments of our life. But what is that thing that is common to all our living moments?

If we look at what happens outside us, nothing stays constant and everything keeps on changing. The scenery that we look at through our eyes in any given moment keeps on changing. The sounds that we hear keep on changing. The sensations that we feel, odours that we smell and flavours that we taste keep on changing with every passing moment.

Even the things that happen inside us keep on changing. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions keep on changing with every passing moment.

The thing that remains common in any given moment of our life is breath. We are always breathing as long as we are alive. From the moment we are born to our last moment, the only thing that is common to all the moments is our breath. And is it something that we want? It sure is.

Breath is something that we most dearly want in our lives. If you don’t believe me, pinch your nose and stop yourself from breathing for a few seconds and you will know what I am talking about. So, if we were to be filled with happiness and joy for every moment of our life, we must practice being grateful for something that exists at every moment of our life – breath.

The reason many of us feel dissatisfied with life is that we take the small joys of life for granted. We take the thing that we most want and need for life, i.e. our breath, for granted.

Are you grateful that you can breathe? Are you grateful that the air that you breathe goes into your lungs and dissolves into your blood stream and keeps you alive? Are you aware that just by focussing on your breath for long enough, you can enter a state of serenity and calm? Are you aware that by breathing deeply you can uproot any negative feeling or emotion and feel calm?

We have more reasons to be grateful for our breath than not. The earth is at the very perfect distance from the sun to have presence of an atmosphere that is conducive for life as we know it. We have presence of oxygen to breathe and presence of billions of trees that give out fresh oxygen that give us life. The least we can do is be grateful towards nature and universe for the gift of life we have received in the form of our breath.

So whenever you are angry with someone or something or feeling dissatisfied with life for not giving you what you want, remember to be grateful for your breath. Because if you are alive, you have got your breath and thus an opportunity to be happy and joyful.