My name is Sagar Takker. I am passionate about self-improvement, psychology and spirituality. I express my passion through writing blog posts and sharing my thoughts; ideas and insights through videos on YouTube, public speaking and random conversations with people. I deeply love creativity and letting it come out in form of poetry. I am also a health and fitness enthusiast; I love running, yoga, parkour and martial arts. I practice meditation consistently and have spent more than 500 hours in meditation. I love to read, connect with people, take walks in parks, observe the beauty within flowers, butterflies, puppies and kittens, small children, sunrise, sunset and everything else. And above all, I prefer Peace, Joy, Truth and Love.

I intend to rise in Willpower, Self-control, Courage, Confidence, Connection, Creativity, Love, Compassion, Joy and Contentment.

I intend that all beings enjoy real peace, real harmony and real happiness.

I intend to Keep Improving Joyfully! 🙂

Standing on the edge of my house’s terrace.


Sagar Takker