Be Grateful For Every Breath

What we truly want on the deepest level is happiness and joy. And happiness and joy are nothing but a by-product of feeling grateful. It’s when we are grateful for what is happening in a given moment that we feel happy and are filled with joy. So if all we want is happiness and joy and they are a by-product of gratitude, is there a way to feel grateful for every moment of our life?

Let’s analyse the situation here. Gratitude is a feeling that we feel when we focus on the presence of something that we want in our life. If we were to be grateful for every moment of our life, we would have to focus on presence of something we want, which is there in every moment of our life; common to all the moments of our life. But what is that thing that is common to all our living moments?

If we look at what happens outside us, nothing stays constant and everything keeps on changing. The scenery that we look at through our eyes in any given moment keeps on changing. The sounds that we hear keep on changing. The sensations that we feel, odours that we smell and flavours that we taste keep on changing with every passing moment.

Even the things that happen inside us keep on changing. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions keep on changing with every passing moment.

The thing that remains common in any given moment of our life is breath. We are always breathing as long as we are alive. From the moment we are born to our last moment, the only thing that is common to all the moments is our breath. And is it something that we want? It sure is.

Breath is something that we most dearly want in our lives. If you don’t believe me, pinch your nose and stop yourself from breathing for a few seconds and you will know what I am talking about. So, if we were to be filled with happiness and joy for every moment of our life, we must practice being grateful for something that exists at every moment of our life – breath.

The reason many of us feel dissatisfied with life is that we take the small joys of life for granted. We take the thing that we most want and need for life, i.e. our breath, for granted.

Are you grateful that you can breathe? Are you grateful that the air that you breathe goes into your lungs and dissolves into your blood stream and keeps you alive? Are you aware that just by focussing on your breath for long enough, you can enter a state of serenity and calm? Are you aware that by breathing deeply you can uproot any negative feeling or emotion and feel calm?

We have more reasons to be grateful for our breath than not. The earth is at the very perfect distance from the sun to have presence of an atmosphere that is conducive for life as we know it. We have presence of oxygen to breathe and presence of billions of trees that give out fresh oxygen that give us life. The least we can do is be grateful towards nature and universe for the gift of life we have received in the form of our breath.

So whenever you are angry with someone or something or feeling dissatisfied with life for not giving you what you want, remember to be grateful for your breath. Because if you are alive, you have got your breath and thus an opportunity to be happy and joyful.


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