The Beauty of Beauty

Isn’t it beautiful that we can recognise beauty?
I am fascinated by how fast a fly moves
in the air in a zig zag motion.
And by a small ant that can
carry weight that is beyond its own.
I am fascinated by how nature
creates snow capped mountains
that take our breath away.
By rivers that flow through places
while singing their own tunes.
How does water know how to create
sounds that are so musical?
Maybe it doesn’t, it’s just being itself.
And in its own being, it has demonstrated beauty.
In being what we are there is great beauty maybe.
That’s why butterflies, kittens and puppies
are cute and loveable and adorable.
What if I be myself?
What if I reveal who I am?
Will that be beautiful?
Why is there this doubt?
It’s this doubt that clouds my beauty.
Living up to certain expectations is not our duty.
How beautiful are we who can recognise beauty!
How beautiful it is that we can express this beauty!


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