What If Life Was Absolutely Perfect? | Poem

A star millions of miles away
comes up on a winter morning
and provides me warmth
expecting nothing in return.
A small seed sprouts and grows up
to become a huge tree
and converts carbon dioxide into oxygen
using sunlight and lets me breathe it
asking for no mutual exchange.
The water from a pool evaporates;
its destiny is to become rain
and fall at some other place
or maybe over me and fill me with joy.
Life is such a mysterious miracle.
So much intelligence working for me.
I open the tap and water comes out.
I push the button and a bulb lights up.
I tune the radio and music plays.
I walk and some distance gets travelled.
I vibrate my vocal chords and some sound is created.
So much happens with perfection and beauty.
And then there is this mind,
which deceives me into believing
that there is something wrong.
That something needs to be fixed;
my grammar needs correction,
my voice needs inflection,
my life needs direction,
there is so much of imperfection.
What if I listened more to life
and less to my mind.
What if life was absolutely perfect?
What would I do, what would be left to get done?
I would sit in joy and feel grateful.
And when inspiration comes along,
I will write a poem.


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