What If Life Was Absolutely Perfect?

The title of this post is also the desktop background for my MacBook Air since yesterday. While reading The Power of Now the first time, I came across what read like, “What problem do you have right now? Not a week later or ten minutes later but now?” It changed my life forever. Since I read that line for the first time, whenever I found myself in a deeply negative mood, it just popped into my head, “What problem do I have right now? Not a week later or ten minutes later but now?”

And it brings me relief every time.

A day before yesterday, out of the blue this epiphany came even more clearly, on a much deeper level. See, I had been running around a lot. For around three-four years, my major focus was self-improvement. I read books, watched videos, eliminated watching TV or movies or sitcoms, started meditating regularly, working out regularly. I enjoyed it thoroughly; I loved growth and improvement and becoming better. But since the last few days, a shift is happening. I am moving away from self-improvement and more towards being joyful right now. Or maybe, in a more precise way, I am moving away from the idea of being happy later, when improvement happens and more towards being joyful now.

Here’s the epiphany that appeared out of nowhere: I was reading a book on improving my financial situation and having an abundance mindset and I became absolutely still. A thought appeared, ‘What if I had absolutely no problems? Like ABSOLUTELY no problems and I had everything I wanted? What would I do?’ I remained motionless both physically and mentally for a few minutes.

The epiphany was not that life is absolutely perfect and there are no problems in the present moment. I already had that one before. The epiphany I, finally, had in that moment was that it was my mind that was creating all the ‘imaginary’ problems.

We are a product of our thoughts. Whatever life situation we find ourselves in is a product of our thoughts. My current situation with my finances and relationships is a product of what I have thought in the past and I am thinking in the present. And my repetitive pattern to keep ‘learning’ and ‘trying’ to improve my situation is what was perpetuating my current situations. I was thinking the same thoughts of lack and having a ‘problem’ again and again which resulted in me being stuck in the same situation.

And in that moment a shift occurred. Instead of thinking about solving my problems and trying to improve our situation, if I just focus on being grateful for what I already have, the situation will take care of itself. This is not a theory because I have experienced this truth over and over. In fact, any improvement that happened along my journey happened only because of a shift in thought pattern and not because I was thinking the same thoughts over and over.

My really burning desire right now, in this moment, is to be joyful. Being Joyful. Period. Whatever happens, no matter what happens, all I truly want is to be joyful. And my definition of having such kind of joy is to be Unconditionally Grateful for This Moment.

That’s what I am going to focus until life nudges me to do something else.

And of course, I, my life and the Universe are already perfect and these things will still

Keep Improving Joyfully! 😉


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