Get Out of Life’s Way

There are two ways to live life. Make life happen or let life happen. The first one is about having your own agenda, using your own intelligence to get what you want out of life. The second one is to follow life’s agenda, letting life’s intelligence guide you and give you what… whatever.

Who do we trust more? That voice in our head that asks us not to go for our dreams and stick to doing that job that is comfortable? Not to leave our houses to go for an adventure trip? Or do we trust life as it happens? Can we allow ourselves to do what the deepest part of us guides us to do? Can we trust that if we live for this moment, the next moment will take care of itself?

I am not an advocate for the second method. But I definitely would like to experiment and surrender to life’s flow. I have been reading The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer. One of the things that really moves me is when he writes, “If life can manifest the DNA molecule on its own, not to mention create the human brain, how is it that we feel that we have to control everything on our own? There must be another, more sane way to approach life.”

The voice in my head has its own doubts, “Can I just let life happen? Can I trust life and let it guide me? Will I be taken care of and be provided for? Am I that special?”

The crazy thing is that when I have allowed to let life happen and guide me, amazing things have happened. Even though some things felt ‘wrong’ initially and the voice in the head cursed me for doing those things, eventually a lot of good came out of them.

There is a me, the real me. Then, there is a voice in my head in between. And then, there is life.

Maybe, it’s time to get out of life’s way.


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