The Magic Of Thinking Big

There you are, full of problems;
responsibilities on your shoulders,
pimples on your face,
debt in your bank balance,
loneliness in your heart,
and, of course, lack of self esteem.
Then there are billions like you
on this piece of rock called earth.
Then there are other pieces of rocks
around this big star called the sun.
Then there are billion other big stars
like the sun in this big galaxy.
Then there are billion other galaxies
in this big thing called the Universe.
And then there is this huge space
between everything that exists.
The earth reducing to ashes
will be like a pimple bursting on
the face of the Universe.
Nay, that’s way too exaggerated;
it will be much insignificant than that.
And here you are, full of problems.
How big are you in this Universe?
How big are your problems?
Have a wider perspective
and you reduce to nothing
and so do your problems.
Do you think big or small?
Do you make proper use of
the magic of thinking big?


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