I Am Worthy. You Are Worthy.

Tears were flowing from my eyes as I was tapping certain points on my body and mentally repeating, “I choose to feel worthy.” I continued to tap and repeat the same words as the crying subsided. A few moments later, my heart was filled with compassion for myself and others.

How often do we stop ourselves from doing things that fill us with love and joy? Do you believe that it is we ourselves that block our joy and happiness unconsciously? I didn’t believe that either when I first read about it in A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. It again appeared in Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. And again in The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle. It will again appear unless something is done about it. The Universe helps in arising that awareness. Life happens for us.

The unconscious thought pattern that I am referring to is lack of self-worth. We may consciously think that we believe we are worthy. But if there is an area in our life where we are not getting what we desire, what fills us with joy, it is highly probable that we are blocking that thing to come to us by not feeling worthy of receiving it.

Lack of self-worth may manifest as being shy and under-confident around people. It may manifest as not following our passion and doing work that we are not meant for. It may manifest as health and weight issues. It may manifest as deep unhappiness or depression. How it manifests depends on what we feel unworthy of. If we feel unworthy of love, we feel shy around people. If we feel unworthy of money, we block our creativity and don’t do things that will bring abundance. If we feel unworthy of a healthy body, health and weight issues occur.

Lack of self-worth causes different issues and challenges in our lives. What challenges and issues arise depend on what we feel unworthy of. The question is why? Why do we feel unworthy? Why do we block joy, abundance, love? The one word answer to that is past. In our early childhoods, we are often told we can’t have this-that. It’s okay to assertively tell a child that he/she can’t have something, no problem. But it’s how we tell which may create a problem. If a child is shouted at, angrily told he can’t have something, will that child fell worthy of that thing ever again? And who is not denied love, money or joy in childhood, with anger or some other intense emotion? Not just once but many times, if one has had a ‘normal’ childhood.

Of course, it’s absolutely unnecessary and useless to blame the past for who we are in the present. But it’s absolutely essential and helpful if we do something about it to create a better present and future.

I was feeling confused and overwhelmed with issues regarding a lack of money in my life. I have learnt EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) from The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner. I find it quite effective. I started tapping on my issue and deeper awareness started to rise up. The surface level, conscious issue, is often caused by deeper sub-conscious issues, which in my case were my beliefs that ‘I am not good enough’ and ‘I am not worthy.’ When I continued to tap, it came down specifically to not having a ‘good enough’ english fluency and a ‘good enough’ and clear voice. This, I believe, is not quite accurate. But unless I could become aware of this, I could do nothing about it. I can and will still strive to improve both these aspects, but from a space of ‘I am good enough and worthy and joyfully improving.’

In the end, I would highly recommend and strongly intend that we raise our awareness and live in the Now. This intention is enough to bring us the tools required for creating a better future. We are all worthy of Joy, Love, Abundance, Health. Ultimately, our worthiness is just one choice away. I choose to feel worthy. Do you?

May all beings be happy. I intend everything and everyone to

Keep Improving Joyfully! 🙂



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