The Roller Coaster Ride

Life is like a roller coaster ride.

Anxiety builds up while waiting

in the line,

for the challenging future moments.

While being on the ride,

while facing the challenge,

we are absolutely present,

our awareness heightened,

“Will I survive? Will I remain alive?”

And soon the ride stops,

the challenge finally dissolves.

And we are left in awe,

of our own courage and ability,

to survive what we feared.

What was anxiety a few moments ago,

is now a sense of accomplishment.

A rise in confidence and trust in the self,

that in the end, all is fine.

Gratitude for the amazing ride,

and the whole journey

from the fear of death to the love of life.

“I did it! I survived, I am alive!

Let’s go for another ride.”


Everything In A Nutshell

What you want is a solution;
what you need is meditation.
Between you and life, your mind creates a disconnection.
If it didn’t, you would see absolute perfection.
You may ask, “Then, why take any action?”
For the joy of it, purely for satisfaction.

When I See The World

When I see human beings
I love them for they are all like me.
When I see animals
I love them for they too are alive;
they too want love in life.
When I see plants
I love them for they belong
to the same planet that I live on.
When I see an insect
I see Universe’s perfection
manifested in it’s own small aspect.
When I see a piece of
paper or wood or a glass full of water,
I love them for they are
made of the same matter.
I fall in love with everything I see.
For everything I see, seems to be like me;
wanting love and acceptance at it’s very core
and seeking to express the joy
that is it’s very nature.
Can you too see the world like me?
That is what I intend for thee.
For when there is love in the beholder’s eyes,
whatever gets seen is filled with beauty.

The Purpose of Life

Maybe the purpose of life
is to be happy right now;
to realise happiness
is not anywhere else
but in this moment.
For long we have waited
for things to happen;
to fall in love;
to create abundance and wealth;
to reach a perfect state of health.
And in this whole pursuit,
we have missed the very thing
that we wanted the most.
Why not be grateful
for what we have?
No matter how less it is,
it is enough to make us feel glad.
For if we didn’t have
what we already have,
we would have had
much less than what we have.
So why not be grateful
for what we have?


Happiness is not an event, it’s a habit.

People think once they achieve something, get enough money, get perfect body, meet their soulmate, then they will be happy. All this time they spend in developing the habit of chasing happiness and being stressful about not having it. Even when they get what they want, they don’t feel happy and set other goals out of their habit of chasing happiness. We are creatures of habit. If what you truly want in life is happiness, be happy right now and keep doing that consistently, then and only then will you have a happy life.


Be Grateful For Every Breath

What we truly want on the deepest level is happiness and joy. And happiness and joy are nothing but a by-product of feeling grateful. It’s when we are grateful for what is happening in a given moment that we feel happy and are filled with joy. So if all we want is happiness and joy and they are a by-product of gratitude, is there a way to feel grateful for every moment of our life?

Let’s analyse the situation here. Gratitude is a feeling that we feel when we focus on the presence of something that we want in our life. If we were to be grateful for every moment of our life, we would have to focus on presence of something we want, which is there in every moment of our life; common to all the moments of our life. But what is that thing that is common to all our living moments?

If we look at what happens outside us, nothing stays constant and everything keeps on changing. The scenery that we look at through our eyes in any given moment keeps on changing. The sounds that we hear keep on changing. The sensations that we feel, odours that we smell and flavours that we taste keep on changing with every passing moment.

Even the things that happen inside us keep on changing. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions keep on changing with every passing moment.

The thing that remains common in any given moment of our life is breath. We are always breathing as long as we are alive. From the moment we are born to our last moment, the only thing that is common to all the moments is our breath. And is it something that we want? It sure is.

Breath is something that we most dearly want in our lives. If you don’t believe me, pinch your nose and stop yourself from breathing for a few seconds and you will know what I am talking about. So, if we were to be filled with happiness and joy for every moment of our life, we must practice being grateful for something that exists at every moment of our life – breath.

The reason many of us feel dissatisfied with life is that we take the small joys of life for granted. We take the thing that we most want and need for life, i.e. our breath, for granted.

Are you grateful that you can breathe? Are you grateful that the air that you breathe goes into your lungs and dissolves into your blood stream and keeps you alive? Are you aware that just by focussing on your breath for long enough, you can enter a state of serenity and calm? Are you aware that by breathing deeply you can uproot any negative feeling or emotion and feel calm?

We have more reasons to be grateful for our breath than not. The earth is at the very perfect distance from the sun to have presence of an atmosphere that is conducive for life as we know it. We have presence of oxygen to breathe and presence of billions of trees that give out fresh oxygen that give us life. The least we can do is be grateful towards nature and universe for the gift of life we have received in the form of our breath.

So whenever you are angry with someone or something or feeling dissatisfied with life for not giving you what you want, remember to be grateful for your breath. Because if you are alive, you have got your breath and thus an opportunity to be happy and joyful.



I had a dream last night in which Jeff Foster was teaching me how to breathe deeply. In the morning I found a video on breathing on youtube in recommended section. For whatever reason I had that dream and that video link, I am feeling grateful that I watched this video and am breathing deeply.

Breathe; feel grateful that you can breathe because first of all, can you imagine how you would feel if you couldn’t breathe just for 10 seconds? The thing that you most need and want in life is breath. Once you recognise this truth and remain in touch with it, you will always feel grateful for every breath that you take and never take it for granted. Be grateful that you can breathe so easily and comfortably.


The Beauty of Beauty

Isn’t it beautiful that we can recognise beauty?
I am fascinated by how fast a fly moves
in the air in a zig zag motion.
And by a small ant that can
carry weight that is beyond its own.
I am fascinated by how nature
creates snow capped mountains
that take our breath away.
By rivers that flow through places
while singing their own tunes.
How does water know how to create
sounds that are so musical?
Maybe it doesn’t, it’s just being itself.
And in its own being, it has demonstrated beauty.
In being what we are there is great beauty maybe.
That’s why butterflies, kittens and puppies
are cute and loveable and adorable.
What if I be myself?
What if I reveal who I am?
Will that be beautiful?
Why is there this doubt?
It’s this doubt that clouds my beauty.
Living up to certain expectations is not our duty.
How beautiful are we who can recognise beauty!
How beautiful it is that we can express this beauty!


On Self-Worth

This video provided me with some great insights on self-worth along with an exercise I loved.

My favourite part was recognition of how we are all worthy. We are all born equal, we are all born worthy. It’s certain actions, beliefs, conditioning etc. which take us away from that space of worthiness and make us feel less worthy. But nothing happens to our worthiness. It’s just that we stop feeling worthy.

Thank you Teal Swan for sharing and creating this insightful video. 🙂


That Floating Feather In The Air

A feather was once floating in the air.
It used to be a part of a bird.
That bird was once an egg.
That egg once a cell in the mommy bird.
The mommy bird once mated with the daddy bird.
Those big birds were once little birds that ate leaves.
Those leaves were once packed in a seed.
That seed was once packed in a fruit.
That fruit once appeared on a tree.
That tree was once nothing but soil and minerals.
That soil was once a rock.
That rock was once a star.
That star was once nothing.
That floating feather in the air,
carried essence of everything.
That was no ordinary feather.
Maybe nothing is ordinary whatsoever.